Kadri Pasha

Not to be confused with Mehmed Kadri Pasha, the early-19th-century Ottoman admiral.

Kadri Pasha or Mehmet Kadri Pasha (1832–1884) was an Ottoman statesman. He was Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Abdülhamid II from 9 June 1880 to 12 September 1880.[1] From 11 February 1876 to 4 February 1877, he was also the Mayor (şehremini) of Constantinople.


Kadri Pasha was born in 1832 in Antep, and was the son of Cenanizade Ishak Pasha, who was the sometimes Governor of Cyprus. After having acquired his basic education, mastering Arabic and Persian, and studying Islamic sciences and literature in his hometown, Kadri was moved to Constantinople, where he would be further tutored in English and French, as well as modern Western sciences.

His tenure with the civil service began with a position as a population registrar in Antep, but he soon came to the attention of his superiors upon moving to Constantinople.


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