In Shin Yun-bok's genre painting titled Jusa geobae ("Holding a drinking party"), a jumak is depicted.
Korean name
Hangul 주막
Revised Romanization jumak
McCune–Reischauer chumak

Jumak is a kind of tavern or inn[1] that served alcoholic beverages and food and provided lodging to travellers in old Korean society.[2] It was also called jusa (), juga () and jupo (). It is not certain since when jumak began to exist in history. However the first of jumak that appears in historical documents would be the one that a kisaeng (female entertainer) Cheongwan (天官) operated. When a general of Silla Kingdom, Kim Yu-sin was young, he used to go to the place according to Samguk Yusa. On the other hand, there is an assumption that jumak first appeared in 1097 during King Sukjong's reign of the Goryeo Dynasty.[3]

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