Judas (film)

This article is about the 2004 television film. For the 1918 Hungarian film directed by Michael Curtiz, see Júdás.
Written by Tom Fontana
Directed by Charles Robert Carner
Starring Johnathon Schaech
Jonathan Scarfe
Tim Matheson
Fiona Glascott
Owen Teale
Bob Gunton
Theme music composer Bill Conti
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Ann Wingate
Cinematography Michael Goi
Editor(s) Raúl Dávalos
Running time 90 minutes
Distributor Paramount Pictures
Original release
  • March 8, 2004 (2004-03-08)

Judas is a 2004 Biblical television drama film depicting the intertwined lives of Judas Iscariot and Jesus of Nazareth. The story depicts Judas as having sympathetic motives, desiring to free the Jewish people from Roman rule. It was shot in Ouarzazate, Morocco.


Judas meets Jesus and at first does not know what to make of him or whether or not to trust him. A cynical city boy, Judas makes fun of the country bumpkin disciples who follow Jesus but eventually decides to join the band, as well.

He and Jesus become good friends, even though they often see things very differently. Ultimately, Judas is convinced that Jesus needs to use his popularity and wonder-working powers to free the Jews from the Romans, and Jesus sees a larger, spiritual perspective. As a friend, Judas convinces Jesus to give his disciples his miraculous powers, and he does with good results.

Finally, the Jewish leaders spy on Judas and convince him of the greater good of betraying Jesus, in order to save the Jewish people. Judas gets caught between the corrupt leaders  Caiaphas and Pontius Pilate  and Jesus.


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