Judaeo-Piedmontese (or Lason Akodesh) was the vernacular language of the Italian Jews living in Piedmont, Italy, from about the 15th century until World War II. It was based on the Piedmontese language, with many loanwords from ancient Hebrew, Provençal, and Spanish.

Small vocabulary

The dialect never had written phonetical rules, the words in this list are written according to the book La gran battaglia degli ebrei di Moncalvo and Primo Levi's book The Periodic Table.


(kh) like in German "Nacht".

(ñ) nasal, like in English "Sing", not to be confused with the Spanish ñ.

(ô) like in English "Loom".

(u) like the French u or the German ü.

(sc) like the English sh.

(j) like in German "Jung" or in English "Young".

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