Juan de Zavala, 1st Marquis of Sierra Bullones

The Marquis of Sierra Bullones

Don Juan de Zavala y de la Puente, 1st Marquis of Sierra Bullones Grandee of Spain, 5th Marquis of Torreblanca, 3rd Marquis of la Puente y Sotomayor and 6th Count of Villaseñor (Lima, Peru, 1804 Madrid, Spain, 1879) was a Spanish noble and politician. After fighting in the First Carlist War, the Marquess served as Prime Minister of Spain.

Was the son of the Peruvian Pedro José de Zavala y Bravo de Rivero, 7th Marquis of San Lorenzo, and Grimanesa de la Puente y Bravo de Lagunas, marchioness de la Puente

Marriage and issue

He married on 1839 María del Pilar de Guzmán, 24ht Duchess of Nájera, and had five children:

Political offices
Preceded by
Claudio Antón de Luzuriaga
Minister of State
6 June 1855  14 July 1856
Succeeded by
Nicomedes Pastor Díaz

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