Jorat (Switzerland)

For the municipality in Azerbaijan, see Corat.

The Jorat is the area of the Canton of Vaud (Switzerland) located between the Gros-de-Vaud, West and the Broye, East.


It is a hill range that stretches from above Lausanne at the South and stretches toward Payerne at the North. Every stretch of land above 700 metres of altitude AMSL constitute the mainly forestry area called "Jora". The culminating point is the Montagne du Château (929 metres).


Strictly speaking, the Jorat comprises 18 villages, with a lot of agriculture :

Stretching somewhat the definition, some 20 villages could be added to the above listing.

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Coordinates: 46°34′56″N 6°41′28″E / 46.58222°N 6.69111°E / 46.58222; 6.69111

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