Jones Sewing Machine Company

The Jones Sewing Machine Co. was a British manufacturer of sewing machines founded in 1860 by William Jones and Thomas Chadwick under the name Chadwick and Jones that later become known as The Jones Sewing Machine Co.


William Jones started making sewing machines in 1859 and in 1860 formed a partnership with Thomas Chadwick. As Chadwick & Jones they manufactured sewing machines at Ashton-under-Lyne until 1863. Their machines used designs from Howe and Wilson produced under licence.[1] Thomas Chadwick later joined Bradbury & Co. William Jones opened a factory in Guide Bridge, Manchester in 1869.[2] In 1893 a Jones advertising sheet claimed that this factory was the "Largest Factory in England Exclusively Making First Class Sewing Machines".[3] The firm was renamed as the Jones Sewing Machine Co. Ltd and was later acquired by Brother Industries of Japan, in 1968.[4] The Jones patent for his popular Serpent Neck model appeared in 1879. These were manufactured until 1909.[5] The machines pictured employ a transverse boat shuttle mechanism forming a lock stitch. The CS Family model has "As Supplied to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra" written along the shoulder and like many Jones machines displayed very ornamental decoration ensuring that many are still kept in good condition as decorative items.

A Jones D53 model in metallic green.
A Jones Family CS Machine from around 1935.
An early Jones serpent neck with a flower pattern from around 1890.

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