Joint Staff of the Armed Forces

Joint General Staff of the Armed Forces
Portuguese: Estado Maior Conjunto das Forças Armadas
Office overview
Formed 25 August 2010
Jurisdiction Brazilian Armed Forces
Army Command
Navy Command
Air Force Command
Office executive
Parent Office Ministry of Defense

The Joint General Staff of the Armed Forces (Portuguese: Estado Maior Conjunto das Forças Armadas) centralizes the coordination and control of Brazil's Armed Forces: Army, Navy and Air Force.[1] It was created through the Complementary Law No. 136 of 25 August 2010, and is guided by Ordinance No. 1429. On December 8, 2015, Admiral Ademir Sobrinho was sworn in as the Chief of the Joint General Staff of the Brazilian Armed Forces by Defense Minister.

Commander of Joint General Staff of the Armed Forces

The head of the JGSAF is appointed by the defense minister and appointed by the President, as the commanders of the forces and will have the same hierarchical level of these and ascendancy over all other military of any of the Force, except over the commanders themselves. The position will be occupied by a general officer's last stand (four stars) in both the active and the reserve and, if active, will automatically for the booking of the appointment, as it is with the commanders of each Forces.


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