Johnny Reb and Billy Yank

Johnny Reb and Billy Yank was a Sunday comic strip drawn by Frank Giacoia from November 18, 1956 to May 24, 1959. It was one of the last full page Sunday strips. The last full page appeared in late 1957. On May 18, 1958 the title changed to Johnny Reb. Some Sundays were ghosted by other artists, including Jack Kirby and Joe Kubert.

Characters and story

The strip told the story of the American Civil War, roughly chronicling events that had taken place 95 years earlier. The first 11 stories (of 20) alternated between the adventures of Johnny Reb, who fought for the South, and Billy Yank, who fought for the North. They met briefly in the first story, and "Secret Staff Order Number 191" featured both characters. After that, Billy Yank appeared in only one additional story, "The Copperhead Strikes."

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