John Prausnitz

John Prausnitz
Born January 7, 1928 (1928-01-07) (age 88)
Citizenship United States
Fields Chemical Engineering
Institutions University of California, Berkeley
Alma mater Cornell University
University of Rochester
Princeton University
Doctoral advisor R.H. Wilhelm
Known for Molecular Thermodynamics, NRTL, UNIQUAC, UNIFAC
Notable awards National Medal of Science (2003)

John M. Prausnitz is a professor of chemical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, a position he has held since 1955.[1] Dr. Prausnitz is responsible for many of the activity coefficient models used for the design of major chemical plants.[2] He is a recipient of the National Medal of Science in the field of engineering for his work in engineering-oriented molecular thermodynamics.[3]


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