Jinshui District


Henan Museum, located in Jinshui District

Location in China

Coordinates: 34°46′22.59″N 113°43′9.62″E / 34.7729417°N 113.7193389°E / 34.7729417; 113.7193389Coordinates: 34°46′22.59″N 113°43′9.62″E / 34.7729417°N 113.7193389°E / 34.7729417; 113.7193389
Country China
Province Henan
Prefecture Zhengzhou
  District 242.2 km2 (93.5 sq mi)
  Urban 58 km2 (22 sq mi)
Population (2010)
  District 1,588,611
  Density 6,600/km2 (17,000/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 450003
Area code(s) 0371
Website http://www.jinshui.gov.cn

Jinshui District (Chinese: 金水区; Pinyin: Jīnshuǐ Qū) is a district in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province. The District is 242.2 square km, in which the urban area is 58 square km. The total population is 1.01 million, in which the urban population is 865 thousand.[1]

The seat of the Henan Province government is located in the district. The widest road in Henan Province, Huayuan Road, Wenhua Road are also in the Jinshui District. The famous Erqi Memorial Tower is in the center of the city. Jianxue Street, or called Jian Xue Jie in Chinese, is an educational area. The famous Henan Experimental Middle School, No.8 Middle School, No.9 Middle School, the Henan Foreigh Trade School, Henan Experimental Primary School and the No.1 Primary School of Wenhua Road, Zhengzhou are in the district.

Administrative divisions

Jinshui District has 15 subdistricts and 2 towns:[2]


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