Jim Baikie

Jim Baikie
Nationality British
Area(s) Penciller, Inker
Notable works

Jim Baikie is a British comics artist, who is best known for his work with Alan Moore on Skizz.


Baikie began his career illustrating Valentine for Fleetway. Over the next twenty years, he built a solid reputation working for TV comics such as Look-in, including adaptations of The Monkees and Star Trek, all scripted by Angus P. Allan. He also worked extensively in girls' comics such as Jinty. In the 1980s, Baikie drew The Twilight World in Warrior.

In Britain, he is probably best known for collaborating with Alan Moore on Skizz, a reworking of the film E.T.. Baikie was so attached to the character that he went on to both write and illustrate Skizz II and Skizz III for 2000AD. 2000 AD spin-of Crisis also saw Baikie produce the art for the New Statesmen story.

Baikie has also worked extensively in the United States, on superhero strips such as Batman and The Spectre. A new collaboration with Alan Moore also appeared in the guise of the First American.


Comics work includes:




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