Jiangsu Province Kunqu Theatre

Jiangsu Province Kun Opera is a professional company, based in Nanjing, engaged in Kunqu research, production and performance.[1]

Six members of the opera have won the Plum Blossom Prize: Zhang Jiqing, Shi Xiaomei, Hu Jinfang, Huang Xiaowu and Zhang Jidie.[2] Performers graduated in three generations (1967, 1985, 2004) from the Jiangsu Opera School.

The Opera presents two kinds of performances: selections from classical operas, which are performed every week; and full operas adapted for one-, two-, or three-evening performances, which are produced several times a year, since the original scripts are too long for the modern stage. Recent full operas have included The Peony Pavilion (which was also filmed) and The White Silk Shirt, which won the national prize for Best New Opera.


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