Jean-Marie Londeix

Jean-Marie Londeix (20 September 1932) is a French saxophonist born in Libourne who studied saxophone, piano, harmony and chamber music.[1][2]

Jean-Marie Londeix studied saxophone with the legendary Marcel Mule at the Paris Conservatory.[3] He also studied with Fernand Oubradous and Norbert Dufourcq, among others. He then served as the saxophone instructor at the Conservatory of Dijon for 18 years. He retired from the National Conservatory of Bordeaux, France in 2001.

Jean-Marie Londeix won the international saxophone competition when he was 15 years old.

He is the founder of the "French Saxophonists Association" and the "International Saxophone Committee"

More than 100 varied compositions have been written specifically for him, and he has published several pedagogical works. Londeix pioneered as a saxophone performer around the world, many times giving the first solo saxophone performance of these international concert halls.

Some famous saxophone players that have studied with him include Richard Dirlam, Perry Rask, Russell Peterson, Ryo Noda, James Umble, Robert Black, Ross Ingstrup, Juan Carlos Mazás, William Street, Christian Lauba and Jack Kripl - Winner of the prize for Saxophone at the International Competition for Musical Performers in Geneva Switzerland, 1970.

In 2013 Italian composer Marco Ciccone wrote "Mélodie pour Jean-Marie Londeix" for soprano saxophone and orchestra (strings and harp)



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