Jean-François Balmer

Jean-François Balmer
Born (1946-04-18) April 18, 1946
Valangin, Switzerland
Occupation Actor, Television series
Years active 1975-present

Jean-François Balmer (born April 18, 1946 in Valangin) is a Swiss actor. He has worked extensively in French cinema, television and stage productions since the early 1970s.[1]

Selected filmography

Year Title Role Director
1975 Peur sur la ville Julien Dallas Henri Verneuil
1976 Little Marcel Pottier Jacques Fansten
1977 La Menace Waldeck Alain Corneau
1979 The Adolescent André Jeanne Moreau
1979 Les Égouts du paradis 68 José Giovanni
1984 Polar Eugène Tarpon Jacques Bral
1984 Les Fauves Jeff Garcia Jean-Louis Daniel
1984 The Blood of Others Arnaud Claude Chabrol
1985 Urgence Paul Murneau Gilles Béhat
1986 La dernière image Miller Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina
1989 La Révolution française Louis XVI of France Robert Enrico and Richard T. Heffron
1991 Madame Bovary Charles Bovary Claude Chabrol
1992 Dien Bien Phu the AFP employee Pierre Schoendoerffer
1993 Vent d'est father Siegler Robert Enrico
1996 Beaumarchais Antoine de Sartine Édouard Molinaro
1997 The Swindle Monsieur K Claude Chabrol
2000 The King's Daughters Jean Racine Patricia Mazuy
2003 That Day Treffle Raúl Ruiz
2006 Comedy of Power Boldi Claude Chabrol
2008 Tokyo! Mr Voland Michel Gondry, Leos Carax and Bong Joon-ho
2010 Mumu the priest Joël Séria
2012 Dead Europe Gerry Tony Krawitz
2015 Cosmos Leon Andrzej Żuławski


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