Jayski's Silly Season Site

Jayski's Silly Season Site
Type of site
Sports, NASCAR
Available in English
Owner ESPN
Created by Jay "Jayski" Adamczyk
Website jayski.com
Alexa rank 23,427 (April 2014)[1]
Commercial yes
Registration None
Launched August 26, 1996
Current status active

Jayski's Silly Season Site is a web site focusing primarily on NASCAR news and rumors. The website was founded by Jay "Jayski" Adamczyk in 1996 after he had difficulty finding news regarding the Melling Racing team, and subsequently worked to get all NASCAR news grouped together on the site.[2][3]

The term Silly Season refers to the period after the regular season when many teams seek to make changes to prepare for next season.


The main feature of the site is a "News and Rumors" page for the major three NASCAR series.[4][5][6] The sites also hosts pictures of the paint schemes that teams use throughout each year,[7] television schedules[8] and tributes to deceased drivers.[9] The site also lists series statistics,[10] and external links to teams and drivers.[11]

Since 2005, the site has been hosted by and affiliated with ESPN.com.

In April 2007, as part of its renewed interest in NASCAR following re-acquisition of broadcasting rights, ESPN purchased Jayski.com, though Adamczyk continues to be the operator.


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