Jaya Pala

Jaya Pala
King of Kamarupa
Dynasty Pala
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Jaya Pala (1075-1100) was ruler of Pala Dynasty (900–1100) of Kamarupa Kingdom.[1]


Brahma Pala House king, Jaya Pala was ruling over Kamarupa sometime about the close of 11th century. A king is mentioned in Siliinpur stone inscription. It is Prasati of a Brahmin named Prahasa who is credited with construction of a temple, creation of a garden, excavation of a tank, etc. The inscription states that Prahasa, though persistently pressed, refused to accept "900 gold coins and a gift of landed property from Jaya Pala, king of Kamarupa, on the occasion of "tulapurusha dana" (=great gift ceremony which involved the gift of gold etc. equal to the weight of the performer) performed by the latter". It is important to note the attribution of the conquest of Kamarupa to the Pala King Ram Pala (1077-1133 AD) of Gauda by Sandhyakar Nandi in his ramacharitam because it is supported by the Kamauli plates of Vaidyadeva.[2]


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