Type Juk
Main ingredients Pine nuts, rice flour or soaked rice, water
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Hangul 잣죽
Revised Romanization jatjuk
McCune–Reischauer chatchuk

Jatjuk or pine nut porridge is a variety of juk (죽), or Korean porridge, made by boiling finely ground pine nuts and rice flour or soaked rice in water. It is seasoned with salt and garnished with pine nuts and sliced jujubes. The dish has been regarded as a quality food in Korea because of its rich and creamy taste, nutritiousness, and easy digestibility.[1] It is not a staple of the Korean diet, as pine nuts are expensive and not readily available, so jatjuk used to be served as a special treat for breakfast, as a supplement for someone who is ill or elderly, or as a snack.[2]

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