Japanese House of Councillors election, 1977

Japanese House of Councillors election, 1977
10 July 1977

126 (of the 252) seats in the House of Councillors
  First party Second party
Leader Takeo Fukuda Ichio Asukata
Party Liberal Democratic Socialist
Last election 126 62
Seats won 125 56
Seat change -1 -6

President of the House
of Councillors
before election

Kenzo Kono
Liberal Democratic

Elected President of the House
of Councillors

Ken Yasui
Liberal Democratic

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Elections for the Japanese House of Councillors were held in Japan in 1977.

Only half of this House of Councillors was up for election. The results show the whole legislature following the elections.


Party Total Seats
Liberal Democratic Party 125
Japan Socialist Party 56
Clean Government Party 28
Communist Party 16
Democratic Socialist Party 12
New Liberal Club 2
Independents / Other 11
Total 252



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