A Japadog cart in Los Angeles
A "Terimayo" hot dog from Japadog.

Japadog is a small chain of street food stands and restaurants located in Vancouver, Canada (there was also a location in New York City[1] which closed in 2013). The chain, which specializes in hot dogs that include variants of Japanese-style foods like okonomiyaki, yakisoba, teriyaki and tonkatsu, is owned by Noriki Tamura.[2]


Tamura and his wife moved to Vancouver in 2005. They opened the first Japadog stand that same year.[3] A second stand opened in Vancouver in the summer of 2009. As of March 2013, the company now has four locations in Vancouver and a fifth one in New York City (now closed).[4] In 2014, they opened a sit down store in Los Angeles, California. In addition to their three mobile stands in Vancouver, in 2010 they opened a sit-in restaurant, allowing them to serve extra items such as desserts and their unique french fries, called "shaked fries." The kitchen staff prepare them by placing the cooked fries in a paper bag with seasoning and shaking them until they're coated.[5]


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