Jan Versluys

Jan Versluys (1 September 1873 in Groningen 22 January 1939 in Vienna) was a Dutch zoologist.

He studied biology at the University of Amsterdam, and afterwards participated on a scientific voyage to the Caribbean aboard the vessel Chazalie. In 1898 he obtained his doctorate from the University of Giessen, then in 1899/1900 served as an assistant to Max Carl Wilhelm Weber on the Siboga Expedition to the Netherlands East Indies. As a result of the mission, he published a monograph on Gorgonians, titled "Die Gorgoniden der Siboga-Expedition". Later on in his career, he worked as a professor of zoology at the universities of Ghent (from 1916) and Vienna (from 1925).[1]

Siboga Expedition group in the laboratory (Versluys at far right).

Taxa with the epithet of versluysi commemorate his name, an example being the amphipod subspecies Niphargus longicaudatus versluysi.[2]

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