James Berardinelli

James Berardinelli
Born (1967-09-25) September 25, 1967
New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.
Occupation Writer
Education Cherry Hill High School East
Alma mater University of Pennsylvania
Period 1993–present
Subject Film
Spouse Sheryl (m. 2004)
Children 1

James Berardinelli (born September 25, 1967)[1] is an American film critic and novelist.

Personal life

Berardinelli was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey and spent his early childhood in Morristown, New Jersey.[2] At 9, he relocated to the township of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where he attended Cherry Hill High School East.[2][3] Later he moved to Piscataway.[4]

He attended the University of Pennsylvania from 1985 to 1990, obtaining both a Bachelor of Science and Master's degree in Electrical Engineering.[2] After graduating he worked for Bellcore Company, now Telcordia Technologies, and spent the next 15 years working "in a variety of fields, including fiber optics, video testing, and software systems."[2]

Berardinelli resides in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.[5][3] On August 21, 2004, he married his wife Sheryl, whom he met through his website.[6][7] They have a son, Michael, born on May 12, 2010.[8]


Starting in 1993, Berardinelli started publishing reviews in Usenet by reviewing Scent of a Woman.[9][10] Berardinelli also writes the blog ReelThoughts at Reelviews.net. Roger Ebert referred to Berardinelli as "the best of the Web-based critics",[11] and wrote a foreword for Berardinelli's book, Reelviews.[12] Berardinelli is a member of the Online Film Critics Society and a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic.[13][14]

In September 2013, Berardinelli announced that he had been working on a trilogy of fantasy novels entitled The Last Whisper of the Gods.[15] The first book was published in November 2015, the second was released in January 2016, and the third in March 2016.[16]



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