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Jamaican posses, often referred to simply as posses, are a loose coalition of gangs, based predominantly in Kingston, London, New York City and Toronto, first being involved in drugs and arms trafficking in the early 1980s. It is widely claimed that the Jamaican posses are affiliated with Jamaican political parties,[1] such as the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People's National Party (PNP).

The JLP posses dominate the west and south of Kingston and other smaller towns and the PNP posses are mainly found in the eastern and central side and there are a few that state they are not allied to either political party. These are often in the northern slums of downtown Kingston. In the United Kingdom, these Jamaican gangsters would be referred to as Yardies in reference to people who lived in "government yards" in the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie, which hit Jamaica in 1951. They are strongly populated in London and are specifically known to have occupied and operate in Brixton, Harlesden, Tottenham and Hackney, among other areas.


Jamaican Posse members are known for gun battles with the police and drive-by shootings in disputes with rival gangs over drug turf. Posse members are known for ritualized murders of members who "rip off" profits on drugs.

Posse members have little regard for public safety or human life. As part of their code, extreme violence is directed at anyone they feel has disrespected them or is in their way. Once in prison, however, their violence is savage but not regular.[2] The alleged head of the One Order Gang, Andrew 'Bun Man' Hope, was murdered in Spanish Town on 8 February 2006, which sparked a riot the following day.

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