Jainism in Japan

The Jain symbol that was agreed upon by all Jain sects in 1974.
Mahavirswami Jain Temple

Jainism, unlike the closely related Buddhism, is a minority religion in Japan. At present, there are 3 Jain temples in Japan,[1] with the Kobe Jain temple being the most famous one.


Forty Japanese students were sponsored by the Govt. of India in the early 1950s to live and study in India. Some of them studied Navinaya in Varanasi and Gujarat, which led to new interest in the study of Jainism in Japan. One of the accomplishments was the first Japanese book by Minakata Kumagusu to simplify and translate the concepts of Jainism into Japanese for use by the common people in Japan.[2]

Kobe Jain Temple

On June 1, 1985 the formal opening ceremony of the Kobe Jain Temple was performed in Japan.[3] This temple is dedicated to 24th and last tirthankar Mahavir Swami.


The Kobe Jain Temple, officially the Mahavira swami Jain Temple, is located at 7-5 Kitano-Cho, 3 Chome, Chuo Ku, Kobe, Japan.[4]

Jain Sangh of Kobe

The Jain Sangh of Kobe is headed by K. S. Parikh and the office of the Sangh is located at- K.S. Parikh, Jain Sangh of Kobe, 6-17 Yamamoto Dori 2- Chome, Chico-ku, Kobe 650, Japan.[5]

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