JIM (Flemish TV channel)

JIM's current logo
Launched 2 April 2001
Closed 16 December 2015
Owned by VMMa
Picture format 16:9 576i (SDTV)
Slogan Hell Yeah!
Country Belgium
Language Dutch
Headquarters Vilvoorde, Belgium
Formerly called JIMtv (2001-2005)
Replaced by Kadet
Sister channel(s) vtm, 2BE
Website jim.be
TV Vlaanderen Digitaal (Flanders) Channel 9
Mobistar TV (Belgium) Channel 100
Available on all cable systems Check local listings for channels
Telenet Digital TV (Belgium) Channel 30 (Flanders)
Channel 120 (Brussels)
Telenet (Belgium) Check your local listings at zenders.be
Numericable (Belgium) Channel TBA
Voo (Brussels) Channel TBA
Proximus TV (Belgium) Channel 161 (Flanders)
Channel 188 (Brussels & Wallonia)
SNOW (Belgium) Channel TBA
Scarlet (Belgium) Channel 161 (Flanders)
Channel 188 (Brussels & Wallonia)
Streaming media
Jim.be Watch live
JIM Livestream Watch live
Yelo TV Watch live (Belgium only)
TV Overal Watch live (Belgium only)

JIM (launched as JIMtv in 2001) was a Flemish television channel of the Medialaan (Roularta/De Persgroep) that is aimed at people aged between 15 and 24.[1] Its name is a backronym for "Jong, Interactief en Meer" (English: Young, Interactive and More). During its first years, the channel mainly broadcast music videos. They have since started mixing this with programs such as Brainiac and Snoop Dogg's Father Hood. The channel stopped broadcasting on December 16, 2015.


The cradle of JIMtv were Jo Nachtergaele, Michael Dujardin, Peter Hoogland, Frank Molnar, Serge Jespers and Inge Tossyn. They were responsible for the content, the channel look and positioning of JIMtv. The first broadcast on April 2, 2001 started with "God Is A DJ" by Faithless followed by an introductory program in which all people and behind the scenes themselves were submitted. On April 2, 2006, the channel celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Nowadays the channel is just called JIM. Originally, the letter combination 'JIM' stood for "Jong, Interactief en Meer" (English: Young, Interactive and More). The suffix 'TV' was omitted because VMMa (since 2014 "Medialaan" called) initially also wanted to set up a radio station called JIMfm, but those plans were abandoned. In November 2001 VMMa launched still a radio station: Q-music.

On September 15, 2015 Medialaan announced that JIM would cease broadcasting on December 16, 2015. The vacant channel is filled by a new children's channel Kadet from December 19, 2015, which focuses primarily on boys between 8 and 12 years old.


The presenters from the beginning, including Thomas Vanderveken (now VRT), Nathalie-Jane Krits, Tess Goossens, Frank Molnar, Tania Prinsier, Anneke De Keersmaeker and Ilse Liebens were no longer seen on JIM. In 2007 Ben Roelants (now VRT), Frederick Luyten, Pim Symoens, Anneleen Liégeois and Jan Van den Bossche also disappeared at the channel. In 2013 Jelle van Dael also went way to work for JUST. Eline De Munck left the station on June 25, 2015. Sean D'Hondt announced his farewell to the channel on August 17, 2015. He is now working for Q-music. Kevin Janssens, Dimitri Vantomme and Gaëlle Garcia Diaz no longer works now for the channel.

In 2015 Niko Van Driessche, Britt Valkenborghs, Vincent Banic, Elisa Guarraci and Jolien De Greef were the VJs of service.



Other programs



Since 2012 JIM presented annually in February his own playful prizes, De Jimmies (officially JIM awards), in a variety of musical and other mediatic categories:


Since the logo of JIM and the full range of programs was changed on October 11, 2010, one can now watch JIM live via JIM website.[2]

Radio station

Originally, the VMMa was planning on launching a youth radio station called JIMfm as a complement to JIMtv. These plans were later dropped.[3]


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