J. D. Jones

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JD Jones

Jones with awards given as Pistolsmith of the year; Handgun Hunters Hall of Fame, Outstanding American Handgunner
Born JD Jones
(1936-11-21)November 21, 1936
Wintersville, Ohio, United States
Occupation Inventor, gunsmith, businessman

J. D. Jones (born November 21, 1936) is an American firearms and cartridge designer, firearms writer and president of SSK Industries. Jones began hunting at an early age, and became interested in bullet casting and handloading firearms cartridges. In the 1960s, Jones collaborated with Lee Jurras to create the Super Vel line of high-performance handgun ammunition.[1]

In 1977, Jones founded SSK Industries, a company focused on cartridges and barrels (such as for the Thompson Center Arms Contender rifle-calibre pistol) for high-power handgun hunting and target shooting.[2]

Jones is primarily known for two lines of firearms cartridges. The first is his line of JDJ cartridges, primarily intended for the T/C Contender, ranging from .224 to .577 calibre. The second is his "Whisper" family of cartridges, intended to cause maximum damage at subsonic speeds, making them nearly silent when used with a firearm suppressor.[3]

Jones is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and Safari Club International and is a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment. He has authored two columns for American Handgunner magazine.

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