JAMIA Darussalam University

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JAMIA Darussalam
Jamia Darussalam University

Picture of Sultan Masjid
Type Islamic University
Established 7 December 1924
Founder Kaka Mohammed Oomer
Chancellor Kaka Sayeed Ahmed Oomeri
President U.Mohammed Khaleelullah
Principal Ubaid ur Rahman Azami oomeri nadwi madani
Location Oomerabad, Tamil Nadu, India
Campus Jamia Campus
Best ISLAMIC University

Jamia Darussalam is a renowned Islamic university founded by Kaka Mohammed Oomer, who laid the foundation for this institution on 7 December 1924 at the newly founded village, named after him as Oomerabad. It came into existence with an ambitious program of offering services to cater to the religious, educational, reformative and welfare needs of the Muslims and the country at large. It is the largest Islamic institutions in south India. It is affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University. Darussalam students have been selected for higher education at the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah. Several thousand graduates from this institution are serving in several organizations and universities in India and abroad.

JAMIA Darussalam have also been ranked among top Islamic universities all over the world

Students who complete their Studies in JAMIA Darussalam take the title as عمرئ(oomeri)

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