Já, truchlivý bůh

Já, truchlivý bůh
Directed by Antonín Kachlík
Written by Antonín Kachlík
Milan Kundera
Starring Milos Kopecký
Cinematography Jan Nemecek
Edited by Jaromír Janácek
Release dates
17 October 1969
Running time
82 minutes
Country Czechoslovakia
Language Czech

Já, truchlivý bůh (I, mournful God) is a 1969 black-and-white Czech comedy film directed by Antonín Kachlík. Based on stories from Milan Kundera's book Laughable Loves, it stars Milos Kopecký as Adolf, who relates a tale of spurned love to his friend Apostol (Pavel Landovský). Adolf has his friend to pose as an opera conductor to seduce the young woman (Hana Lelitová), as she loves opera, and then spurn her.


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