Izmaylovsky Regiment

Izmaylovsky Lifeguard Regiment
— III —
Active 22 September 1730 1917
Country Russian Empire
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Size Regiment
Garrison/HQ St. Petersburg
Banner of the regiment
Badge of the regiment

Izmaylovsky Regiment (Russian: Изма́йловский лейб-гва́рдии полк) was one of the oldest regiments of the Russian army, a subdivision of the 1st Guards Infantry Division of the Imperial Russian Guard. It was formed in Moscow on 22 September 1730. The first colonel of the regiment was appointed Adjutant general Count Karl Gustav von Löwenwolde. After him, only members of the Imperial family were chiefs of the regiment.

On 17 March the regiment was renamed to Lifeguard His Imperial Highness Konstantin Pavlovich regiment and then on 28 May of the same year to Lifeguard His Imperial Highness Nikolai Pavlovich regiment. The original name was returned in 1801. The regimental church was Trinity Cathedral, Saint Petersburg where its military ensigns were kept.


Ceremonial chiefs

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