Izak Šantej

Izak Šantej
Born (1973-08-26) August 26, 1973
Nationality  Slovenia
Current club information
Polish league KSM Krosno (2nd League)
Career history
1998-2001 Świętochłowice (POL)
2002 Kraków (POL)
2007 Poznań (POL)
2008 Krosno (POL)

Izak Šantej (born August 26, 1973 in Slovenia) is a Slovenian motorcycle speedway rider who rode in the Speedway Grand Prix series.

Izak Šantej and his wife, Hermina, have three children, Žan, Miha and Sara.[1]

Speedway Grand Prix results

  permanent speedway rider
  wild card, track reserve or qualified reserve
  rider not classified (track reserve who did not start)

Career highlights


  1. SpeedwayKrsko.si - 2008-04-25

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