Italy at the 1932 Summer Olympics

Italy at the
1932 Summer Olympics
IOC code ITA
NOC Italian National Olympic Committee
Website (Italian)
in Los Angeles
Competitors 112 (all men) in 13 sports
Flag bearer Ugo Frigerio
Ranked 2nd
Gold Silver Bronze Total
12 12 12 36
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1906 Intercalated Games

Italy competed at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States. 112 competitors, all men, took part in 61 events in 13 sports.[1]


Medal Name Sport Event Date
 Gold Beccali, LuigiLuigi Beccali Athletics Men's 1500 m August 4
 Gold Pavesi, AttilioAttilio Pavesi Cycling Men's individual road race August 4
 Gold Olmo, GiuseppeGiuseppe Olmo, Attilio Pavesi,
Guglielmo Segato
Cycling Men's team road race August 4
 Gold Borsari, NinoNino Borsari, Marco Cimatti,
Alberto Ghilardi, Paolo Pedretti
Cycling Men's team pursuit August 2
 Gold Cornaggia-Medici, GiancarloGiancarlo Cornaggia-Medici Fencing Men's épée August 9
 Gold Marzi, GustavoGustavo Marzi Fencing Men's foil August 4
 Gold Neri, RomeoRomeo Neri Gymnastics Men's individual all-around August 10
Men's parallel bars August 12
 Gold Capuzzo, OresteOreste Capuzzo, Savino Guglielmetti, Mario Lertora,
Romeo Neri, Franco Tognini
Gymnastics Men's team all-around August 10
 Gold Guglielmetti, SavinoSavino Guglielmetti Gymnastics Men's vault August 10
 Gold Morigi, RenzoRenzo Morigi Shooting Men's 25 m rapid fire pistol August 12
 Gold Gozzi, GiovanniGiovanni Gozzi Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman featherweight August 7
 Silver Rossi, GinoGino Rossi Boxing Men's light heavyweight August 13
 Silver Rovati, LuigiLuigi Rovati Boxing Men's heavyweight August 13
 Silver Segato, GuglielmoGuglielmo Segato Cycling Men's individual road race August 4
 Silver Agostoni, CarloCarlo Agostoni, Giancarlo Cornaggia-Medici,
Renzo Minoli, Saverio Ragno, Franco Riccardi
Fencing Men's team épée August 7
 Silver Gaudini, GiulioGiulio Gaudini, Gioacchino Guaragna, Gustavo Marzi,
Giorgio Pessina, Ugo Pignotti, Rodolfo Terlizzi
Fencing Men's team foil August 1
 Silver Gaudini, GiulioGiulio Gaudini Fencing Men's sabre August 13
 Silver Anselmi, RenatoRenato Anselmi, Arturo De Vecchi, Giulio Gaudini,
Gustavo Marzi, Ugo Pignotti, Emilio Salafia
Fencing Men's team sabre August 11
 Silver Bonoli, OmeroOmero Bonoli Gymnastics Men's pommel horse August 11
 Silver Divora, RiccardoRiccardo Divora, Bruno Parovel, Giovanni Plazzer,
Giovanni Scher, Bruno Vattovaz
Rowing Men's coxed four August 13
 Silver Balleri, MarioMario Balleri, Renato Barbieri, Dino Barsotti,
Renato Bracci, Vittorio Cioni, Guglielmo Del Bimbo,
Enrico Garzelli, Cesare Milani, Roberto Vestrini
Rowing Men's eight August 13
 Silver Galimberti, CarloCarlo Galimberti Weightlifting Men's 75 kg July 31
 Silver Nizzola, MarcelloMarcello Nizzola Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman bantamweight August 7
 Bronze Castelli, GiuseppeGiuseppe Castelli, Ruggero Maregatti,
Gabriele Salviati, Edgardo Toetti
Athletics Men's 4 × 100 m relay August 7
 Bronze Frigerio, UgoUgo Frigerio Athletics Men's 50 km walk August 3
 Bronze Pellizzari, BrunoBruno Pellizzari Cycling Men's sprint August 3
 Bronze Agostoni, CarloCarlo Agostoni Fencing Men's épée August 9
 Bronze Gaudini, GiulioGiulio Gaudini Fencing Men's foil August 4
 Bronze Lertora, MarioMario Lertora Gymnastics Men's floor August 8
 Bronze Lattuada, GiovanniGiovanni Lattuada Gymnastics Men's rings August 12
 Bronze Cossu, FrancescoFrancesco Cossu, Giliante D'Este,
Antonio Garzoni Provenzani, Antonio Ghiardello
Rowing Men's coxless four August 13
 Bronze Matteucci, DomenicoDomenico Matteucci Shooting Men's 25 m rapid fire pistol August 12
 Bronze Pierini, GastoneGastone Pierini Weightlifting Men's 67.5 kg July 30
 Bronze Gallegati, ErcoleErcole Gallegati Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman welterweight August 7
 Bronze Gruppioni, MarioMario Gruppioni Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman light heavyweight August 7




Ten cyclists, all men, represented Italy in 1932.

Individual road race
Team road race
Time trial
Team pursuit


14 fencers, all men, represented Italy in 1932.

Men's foil
Men's team foil
Men's épée
Men's team épée
Men's sabre
Men's team sabre


Modern pentathlon

Three male pentathletes represented Italy in 1932.




Six shooters represented Italy in 1932, winning a gold and bronze medal in the 25 m pistol event.

25 m rapid fire pistol
50 m rifle, prone




Art competitions


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