Italian Environmental Film Festival

The Italian Environmental Film Festival (in Italian:Festival Cinemambiente or Festival internazionale di cinema e cultura ambientale) is an important Italian film festival founded in 1998 and taking place every year in Turin, Italy. It is a member of the Environmental Film Festival Network, which is an association of international festivals in environmental issues.

Award winners


  1. Children, Kossoco 2000
  2. God's Children
  3. Dans Grozny dans
  4. Carpatia
  5. Stand van de maan
  6. The Real Dirt on Farmer John
  7. The Planet
  8. The Nuclear Come Back
  9. Old Partner – Wyo-nang so-ri
  10. Winners 2010
  11. Winners 2011
  12. Winners 2012
  13. Winners 2013

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