Irisbus Citelis

Irisbus Citelis

Citelis bus in Germany's Ruhr area
Manufacturer Irisbus
Production 2005-2013
Body and chassis
Doors 2 doors to 4 doors
Floor type low floor
Engine Iveco
Transmission 4-speed automatic Voith DIWA
Length 9.9 metres to 18.5 metres

Irisbus Citelis was a low-floor city bus produced by Irisbus from 2005 to 2013 when it was replaced by Iveco Urbanway.

Production and operation

It was introduced in 2005 to replace the Agora. It comes in two varieties: Citelis 12, which is of standard 12 m (39 ft) length, and Citelis 18, which is articulated and has a length of 18 m (59 ft). Citelis models use Euro 4, Euro 5 & EEV engines. The buses can also be built as trolleybuses, utilising overhead electrical wires for their power supply instead of fuel. Trolleybus version of Citelis is also known as Škoda 24Tr Irisbus (12m) or Škoda 25Tr Irisbus (18m), especially in Eastern Europe.


Citelis vehicles were introduced in 2007 on Bucharest's trolleybus network run by RATB and in 2006 or 2007 in Riga, capital of Latvia, in which they are owned by Rīgas Satiksme . They are also used by the RATP in Paris, Germany's VER, in Brno and Prague, Czech Republic, by ATM in Milan, by Strætó bs in Reykjavík, by EMT-Palma in Mallorca Spain, TEC in Belgium, in Iceland, in Plovdiv Bulgaria by Hebros Bus, in Greece by OASA and OASTH, in Varna, Bulgaria by Transtriumph Holding and by DPMK in Košice and from 14.4.2011 also in SAD Trnava in Trnava and will be used in Zagreb, Croatia.

A Citelis 18 CNG chassis was converted to right-hand drive and bodied by Custom Coaches in 2008-2009. It is now being operated by Path Transit, who is one of three contractors that operates buses under the Transperth brand name in Perth, Western Australia.

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