Ireneo Paz

Ireneo Paz Flores (1836–1924) was a prominent Mexican intellectual, writer and journalist who was also the grandfather of the Nobel Prize-winning Mexican writer Octavio Paz. He was born July, 3, 1836 in Guadalajara, Mexico. In 1861 upon completion of his college studies, he was licensed to practice law. He married Rosa Solórzano. Their children included: Octavio (Sr.), Arturo, and Amalia. He died in Mixcoac in 1924. During his tenure as editor of La Patria Ilustrada, he became the first regular employer of famed Mexican cartoonist José Guadalupe Posada. Among Paz' numerous writings were works on the legendary California bandit Joaquin Murrieta, and the near-legendary historical figure Malinche.

Mr. Paz wrote 35 books which included different genres such as fiction, play-writing, comedy, memoirs and poetry.

Even though Ireneo Paz died when Octavio Paz was ten years old, he had an important influence on his decision for being a writer.


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