Iran Electronics Industries

Iran Electronics Industries
صنایع الکترونیک ایران
Industry Defense, Electronics
Founded 1972 (1972)[1]
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Area served
Products Electronic systems and products
Owner Islamic Republic of Iran
Number of employees
1600 (2005)[1]
Divisions Shiraz Electronics Industries (SEI)
Iran Communication Industries (IEI)
Information Systems of Iran (ISI)
Electronic Components Industries (ECI)
Isfahan Optics Industries (IOI)
Iran Electronic Research Center (IERC)

Iran Electronics Industries or Integrated Electronics Industries[2](IEI, Persian: صنایع الکترونیک ایران (Sana-ey Electronik-e Iran); also known as صاایران) is a state-owned subsidiary of Iran's Defense Industries Organization. It is a diversified organization with operations in electronics, optics, electro-optics, communications, computer and semiconductors.[3][4][5]


IEI was established as a government company in 1972[1] in order to develop military materials for the Iranian Military. IEI has developed a high potential in research and development (R&D) which is the technological backbone of the company. IEI is an amalgamation of different manufacturing plants and companies in different parts of the country.

During the reign of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the company used the missile facility at Shiraz.[6]

Following the Iranian Revolution and the outbreak of the Iran–Iraq War, Iran began to reorganise its industries to establish a war orientated manufacturing and research focus. IEI was a natural candidate to come under the supervision of the Defense Industries Organization, where it has remained since.

The new generation of Iran's national reconnaissance satellites called Toloo (Dawn) have been designed and produced by IEI in 2010.[7][8]

Current status

It provides products and services for both the Iranian government and the public.

IEI is considered as the largest electronic conglomerate in Iran.[1]

It is an ISO 9000 company.[1] Its products meet international military standards.[1]


The company's motto is "Forging Ahead Daily".[1]


The company currently maintains six subsidiaries[1] which are each responsible for operational scopes in high-tech fields.

The subsidiaries and their respective industries are:[2]

Its telecom products also include the assembly of mobile handsets under licence from the Belgian company Sagem.

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