Inuliata (Corsican; sometime frencified in inuliate; [1] pl. inuliate; meaning: "oiled" ) is a Corsican cake generally shaped as a circle, made of yeast dough. The cake is typical of the cuisine of Corsica and originates from the city of Ajaccio in Corse-du-Sud. [1] Inuliata is prepared during the Easter week. [1]


Its main ingredients are wheat flour, yeast, powdered sugar, olive oil and dry white wine. [1] A dough is prepared with flour, almost all the sugar and the oil, white wine at yeast dissolved in some water. [1] The dough is kneaded, left to rest and rolled out in a circle 1.5 cm high. [1] Its edges are thoroughly pinched by hands and the dough is pierced with a fork. [1] The cake is brushed with olive oil (thence its name), dusted with the rest of the sugar, put on a plate greased with olive oil and baked one hour in moderate oven. [1]


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