Interstate League

For the football league, see Seaboard Football League.

The Interstate League was the name of five different American minor baseball leagues that played intermittently from 1896 through 1952.

Early leagues

Earlier versions of the Interstate League, with years active:

In addition, a Class C Interstate Association existed for one season, 1906, in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.


Interstate League
Sport Baseball
Founded 1939
Inaugural season 1939
Ceased 1952
No. of teams 4 (1939)
8 (1940–1941) (1946–1952)
6 (1942–1945)
Country  United States
Hagerstown Braves
Most titles Wilmington Blue Rocks (4)
Lancaster Red Roses (4)
Official website None

The longest tenured version of the Interstate League was the last incarnation, which played in the Middle Atlantic States from 1939 through 1952, and was one of the few mid-level minor leagues to operate continuously during the World War II period.

This circuit, which began as Class C and was upgraded to Class B in 1940, typically had teams in Allentown, Harrisburg, Lancaster and Sunbury, all in Pennsylvania; Hagerstown, Maryland; Trenton, New Jersey; and Wilmington, Delaware. Its final champion was the Hagerstown Braves, a Boston Braves affiliate. That season, the York White Roses led the league in attendance, attracting over 78,000 fans.


Cities representedTeamsMajor League Affiliate Year(s)
Allentown, Pennsylvania Allentown Dukes Boston Braves 1939
Allentown Fleetwings St. Louis Cardinals 1940
Allentown Wings Philadelphia Phillies (1941)
St. Louis Cardinals (1942–43)
Allentown Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals 1944–52
Bridgeport, Connecticut Bridgeport Bees Boston Braves 1941
Hagerstown, Maryland Hagerstown Owls Detroit Tigers (1941–44) (1947–48)
Chicago Cubs (1945–46)
Washington Senators (1949)
Hagerstown Braves Boston Braves 1950–52
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Harrisburg Senators Pittsburgh Pirates (1941–42)
Cleveland Indians (1946–51)
Philadelphia Athletics (1952)
1940–42, 1946–52
Hazleton, Pennsylvania Hazleton Mountaineers Unaffiliated 1939–40
Lancaster, Pennsylvania Lancaster Red Roses Philadelphia Athletics (1944–47)
Brooklyn Dodgers (1948–52)
Reading, Pennsylvania Reading Chicks Unaffiliated 1940
Reading Brooks Brooklyn Dodgers 1941
Salisbury, Maryland Salisbury Athletics Philadelphia Athletics 1951
Salisbury Reds Cincinnati Reds 1952
Sunbury, PennsylvaniaSunbury Senators Unaffiliated 1939
Sunbury Indians Unaffiliated 1940
Sunbury Yankees[1] New York Yankees 1946–47
Sunbury Reds Cincinnati Reds 1948–49
Sunbury Athletics Philadelphia Athletics 1950
Sunbury Giants New York Giants 1951–52
Trenton, New Jersey Trenton Senators Unaffiliated 1939–41
Trenton Packers Philadelphia Phillies (1942–43)
Brooklyn Dodgers (1944)
Trenton Spartans Brooklyn Dodgers 1945
Trenton Giants New York Giants 1946–50
Wilmington, Delaware Wilmington Blue Rocks Philadelphia Athletics (1940–43)
Philadelphia Phillies (1944–52)
York, PennsylvaniaYork Bees Boston Braves 1940
York White Roses Pittsburgh Pirates (1943–50)
St. Louis Browns (1952)

League champions

Season Interstate League champion Interstate League runner-up Other postseason participants
1939 Allentown Dukes Sunbury Senators Trenton Senators
1940 Lancaster Red Roses Reading Chicks Trenton Senators; Wilmington Blue Rocks
1941 Harrisburg Senators Trenton Senators Hagerstown Owls; Reading Brooks
1942 Wilmington Blue Rocks Hagerstown Owls Harrisburg Senators; Allentown Wings
1943 Lancaster Red Roses York White Roses Hagerstown Owls; Wilmington Blue Rocks
1944 Lancaster Red Roses Allentown Cardinals Wilmington Blue Rocks; York White Roses
1945 Lancaster Red Roses Allentown Cardinals Trenton Spartans; Wilmington Blue Rocks
1946 Harrisburg Senators Wilmington Blue Rocks Hagerstown Owls; Allentown Cardinals
1947 Wilmington Blue Rocks Allentown Cardinals Trenton Giants; Harrisburg Senators
1948 Trenton Giants York White Roses Wilmington Blue Rocks, Sunbury Reds
1949 Trenton Giants Harrisburg Senators Allentown Cardinals; Wilmington Blue Rocks
1950 Wilmington Blue Rocks Hagerstown Braves Harrisburg Senators; Trenton Giants
1951 Wilmington Blue Rocks Sunbury Giants Hagerstown Braves; Allentown Cardinals
1952 Hagerstown Braves Lancaster Red Roses York White Roses, Allentown Cardinals

Individual records




1940July 2Don KeplerSunburyYork6-07 innings
1942August 24Jack CaseyTrentonHagerstown2-3lost game
1943July 1Steve GerkinLancasterTrenton4-07 innings
1944June 25Hal KelleherTrentonYork6-07 innings
1946June 10Whitey KonikowskiTrentonHarrisburg4-07 innings
1949May 7Tony WestTrentonWestbury11-0
1950June 11Joe MiccicheTrentonHarrisburg9-0
1950August 25Tony SegzdaYorkSunbury6-0
1951April 28Keith KelleyLancasterWilmington10-0
1951June 14William MintonSalisburyHarrisburg0-2lost game
1951July 18Tom CasagrandeWilimingtonYork0-111 innings; lost game
1951July 28Ernest NicholsLancasterSalisbury6-2
1951August 20Tom CasagrandeWilmingtonHarrisburg4-07 innings
1952June 5Bob BerresfordHarrisburgWilmington1-0
1952August 6Doug GostlinLancasterSunbury1-0


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