Internationale Gartenbauausstellung 73

AIPH Hamburg 1973
BIE-class Horticultural exposition
Name International Gartenbauausstellung 73
Country Germany
City Hamburg
Venue Planten un Blomen
Opening April 27, 1973 (1973-04-27)
Closure October 7, 1993 (1993-10-07)
Horticultural expositions
Previous Floriade 1972 in Amsterdam
Next Vienna 74 in Vienna
Specialized expositions
Previous Expo '71 in Budapest
Next Expo '74 in Spokane
Universal expositions
Previous Expo '70 in Osaka
Next Seville Expo '92 in Seville

The International Gartenbauausstellung 73 (IGA '73) was a garden festival held in Hamburg, Germany and was recognized by the Bureau of International Expositions. The exposition was the 6th edition of the World Horticultural Expo (AIPH) and the second held at Planten un Blomen park in Hamburg. The exhibition took place on the same site where IGA 63 was held a decade earlier. There were some changes to the site location, such as the vaulting of the Marseillerstrasse so that visitors throughout the area without crossing could visit. Instead of a cable car, a park trail was constructed on the site to provide for visitors. The line had four stations and took 30 minutes to complete a lap.

Coordinates: 53°33′40″N 9°59′00″E / 53.5611°N 9.9833°E / 53.5611; 9.9833

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