International Phonetic Association Kiel Convention

The IPA Kiel Convention, held by the International Phonetic Association in 1989 in Kiel, Germany, adopted the first major revision of the International Phonetic Alphabet in over 50 years.

Effective date of changes

The strong yet conservative changes to the alphabet first appeared in the 1993 alphabet and were slightly tweaked in the 1996 revision.

Suprasegmental consideration

Suprasegmental is a term used for intonation, stress, and other prosodic aspects of speech that are hard to denote at the segmental level. The IPA tried to address how to best denote these issues at the Kiel Convention, but the problem has not been truly fixed. The 1993 version, however, had a more expanded suprasegmental section.[1]

Computer Representation of Individual Languages

According to the guidelines originally passed at Kiel, Computer Representation of Individual Languages (CRIL) must have: a digital speech signal, a narrow phonetic or broad phonemic transcription and finally a phonemic citation form. These guidelines were instituted quickly into language software.[2]

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