International Children's Games

The International Children's Games (ICG) is an International Olympic Committee-sanctioned event[1] held every year where children from cities around the world and between the ages of 12 and 15 participate in a variety of sports and cultural activities.


The Slovenian sports instructor Metod Klemenc founded the International Children's Games in 1968 with the aim of promoting peace and friendship through sports to the world's youth. He organised the first International Children's Games and Cultural Festival in 1968 with the participation of teams from nine European cities.

Since that time, 37,000 children aged 12 to 15 have been in competition at 47 Summer Games and 6 Winter Games. 411 different cities, 86 countries and all 5 continents have participated. The International Children's Games and Cultural Festival has become the world's largest international multi-sport youth games, and is a recognised member of the International Olympic Committee. The International Children's Games in 2013 were held in Windsor-Essex, Canada,[2] followed by Lake Macquarie, Australia in 2014,[3] and Alkmaar, Netherlands in 2015.

The 2016 games were held in New Taipei City in Taiwan from July 11 to 16.


Summer Games

Games Year Host city Host nation
I 1968 Celje  Yugoslavia
II 1970 Udine  Italy
III 1972 Graz  Austria
IV 1974 Murska Sobota  Yugoslavia
V 1974 Darmstadt  West Germany
VI 1976 Murska Sobota  Yugoslavia
VII 1976 Geneva   Switzerland
VIII 1978 Ravne na Koroskem  Yugoslavia
IX 1980 Lausanne   Switzerland
X 1982 Darmstadt  West Germany
XI 1983 Troyes  France
XII 1983 Murska Sobota  Yugoslavia
XIII 1984 Geneva   Switzerland
XIV 1985 Granollers  Spain
XV 1986 Lausanne   Switzerland
XVI 1987 Graz  Austria
XVII 1988 Szombathely  Hungary
XVIII 1989 Andorra  Andorra
XIX 1990 Uzgorod  Soviet Union
XX 1991 Bratislava  Slovakia
XXI 1992 Geneva   Switzerland
XXII 1993 Darmstadt  Germany
XXIII 1994 Hamilton, Ontario  Canada
XXIV 1994 Slovenj Gradec  Slovenia
XXV 1995 Celje  Slovenia
XXVI 1996 Sopron  Hungary
XXVII 1997 Sparta  Greece
XXVIII 1998 Logroño  Spain
XXIX 1999 Medias  Romania
XXX 1999 Velenje  Slovenia
XXXI 1999 Český Krumlov  Czech Republic
XXXII 2000 Hamilton  Canada
XXXIII 2001 Szombathely  Hungary
XXXIV 2002 Płock  Poland
XXXV 2002 Taipei  Chinese Taipei
XXXVI 2003 Graz  Austria
XXXVII 2003 Patras  Greece
XXXVIII 2004 Cleveland  United States
XXXIX 2005 Coventry  United Kingdom
XL 2006 Bangkok  Thailand
XLI 2007 Reykjavík  Iceland
XLII 2008 San Francisco  United States
XLIII 2009 Athens  Greece
XLIV 2010 Manama  Bahrain
XLV 2011 Lanarkshire  United Kingdom
XLVI 2012 Daegu  South Korea
XLVII 2013 Windsor, Ontario  Canada
XLVIII 2014 Lake Macquarie  Australia
XLIX 2015 Alkmaar  Netherlands
L 2016 New Taipei  Chinese Taipei
LI 2017 Kaunas  Lithuania
LII 2018 Jerusalem  Israel
LIII 2019 Ufa[4]  Russia

Winter Games

Games Year Host city Country
I 1994 Ravne na Koroskem  Slovenia
II 1995 Prakovce and Helcmanovce  Slovakia
III 1999 Maribor  Slovenia
IV 2009 Montreux and Vevey   Switzerland
V 2011 Kelowna  Canada
VI 2013 Ufa  Russia
VII 2016 Innsbruck  Austria

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