International Association of Universities

International Association of Universities
Abbreviation IAU
Motto For a worldwide higher education community
Formation 1950
Type NGO
Legal status Association
Purpose Educational
Headquarters Paris, France
Region served
Universities, higher education associations
Official language
French, English
Dzulkifli Abdul Razak
Executive General Secretary
Eva Egron-Polak
 Czech Republic
Main organ
General Assembly
Website IAU Official website

The International Association of Universities (IAU) is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)-based worldwide association of higher education institutions. Also known as the International Universities Bureau of the United Nations, it brings together 641 higher education institutions and organisations (September 2013) from 120 countries for "reflection and action on common concerns and collaborates with various international, regional and national bodies active in higher education."[1]

IAU is based in Paris and is located at the headquarters of UNESCO.

As the United Nations Decade on Education for Sustainable Development comes to an end in 2014 and the United Nations Millennial Development Goals are expected to conclude in 2016, the IAU International Conference, held in Iquitos, Peru in 2014, produced the Iquitos Statement on Higher Education for Sustainable Development as part of the 2015 UNESCO Post 2015 Development Agenda.


1) Contribute to the development of knowledge, higher education and research in the public interest

2) Strengthen academic solidarity among higher education institutions and promote cooperation rather than competition

3) Uphold the fundamental principles for which every university should stand: The right to pursue knowledge for its own sake, To promote and uphold the tolerance of divergent opinions and freedom from political interference

4) Promote equitable access, success and equal opportunities for students, researchers, faculty and staff

5) Encourage the pursuit of diversity and quality while respecting cultural differences


The General Assembly of IAU elected Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, Former President of the University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia, as President for 2012-2016. Juan Ramon de la Fuente, former Rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico was IAU President, for the 2008-2012 term. The General Executive Secretary is Eva Egron-Polak, former International Vice President at the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

The list of Current Members of the IAU Board is IAU Administrative Board 2012_2016

Administrative Board 2012-2016


Dzulkifli ABDUL RAZAK, Former Vice-Chancellor University Sains Malaysia and Former Vice-Chancellor, Albukhary International University, Malaysia


Pam FREDMAN, Rector, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Manuel J. FERNÓS, President, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico; Treasurer, IAU

Pornchai MONGKHONVANIT, President, Siam University, Thailand

Olive MUGENDA, Vice-Chancellor, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Immediate Past President

Juan Ramón de la Fuente, Former Rector, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Board Members


Ernest ARYEETEY, Vice-Chancellor, University of Ghana, Ghana

Hope C SADZA, Vice-Chancellor, Women's University in Africa, Zimbabwe


Stephen FREEDMAN, Provost, Fordham University, USA

E. Nigel HARRIS, Former Vice-Chancellor, The University of the West Indies, Jamaica

Juan TOBIAS, Rector, University of Salvador, Argentina

Asia and The Pacific

Anna CICCARELLI, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President, The University of Queensland, Australia

Walid MOUSSA, President, Notre Dame University Louaize, Lebanon

Khalid OMARI, President, Jerash University, Jordan

Yutaka TSUJINAKA, Executive Advisor to the President, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Jianhua LIN, Former President, Zhejiang University, and current president of Peking University, China


Howard NEWBY, Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Liverpool, UK

Patricia POL, Policy Advisor for European and International Affairs, Université Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne, France

Angelo RICCABONI, Rector, University of Siena, Italy

Daniel Hernandez RUIPEREZ, Rector, University of Salamanca, Spain


Marianne GRANFELT, Secretary-General, Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF), Sweden

Etienne E. EHILE, Secretary-General, Association of African Universities (AAU), Ghana


Eva EGRON-POLAK, Executive Director, Ex-Officio, International Universities Bureau

Deputy Members


Abdul AMBALI, Vice-Chancellor, University of Ilorin, Nigeria


Betsy Vogel BOZE, Senior Fellow, American Association of American Colleges and Universities and Former President, The College of the Bahamas, The Bahamas

Juan Remigio SALDAÑA, Rector, Peruvian Scientific University, Peru

Asia and The Pacific

Sharon SIVERTS, President, American University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Victoria MARICH, Former Pro-Rector, St Petersburg University of Management and Economics, Russia

Remus PRICOPIE, Rector, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania


Godehard RUPPERT, Chairman, Bavarian University Association, Germany

Roberto ESCALANTE SEMERENA, Secretary-General, Union of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean (UDUAL), Mexico

Honorary Presidents

Guillermo SOBERON, President 1980-1985, Former Rector, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Blagovest SENDOV, Acting President 1984, Former Rector, University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Justin THORENS, President 1985-1990, Former Rector, Université de Genève, Switzerland

Hans VAN GINKEL, President 2000-2004, Former Rector, Utrecht University, Netherlands; Former Rector, United Nations University, Japan

Goolam MOHAMEDBHAI, President 2004-2008, Former Secretary-General, Association of African Universities (AAU), Ghana

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  1. The complete Mission Statement is available at
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