Institute for the Study of Labor

Institute for the Study of Labor
Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit
Abbreviation IZA
Formation 1998 (1998)
Type Economic research institute and think tank
Legal status non-profit limited liability company
Klaus Zumwinkel
Klaus F. Zimmermann

The Institute for the Study of Labor (German: Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit) or IZA is a private, independent economic research institute and academic network focused on the analysis of global labor markets and headquartered in Bonn, Germany.[1]


Founded in 1998 IZA is a non-profit limited-liability organization headed by Klaus F. Zimmermann. As an independent non-profit institution, IZA draws financial support from the research-sponsoring activities of the Deutsche Post-Foundation[2] and other national and international sources.[3]

It runs the world's largest research network in economic science, comprising over 1,300 international Research Fellows and Affiliates, as well as Policy Fellows from business, politics, society and the media.[4]

As of December 2014, the RePEc ranks IZA second of the top worldwide economic institutions in the field of labour economics[5] as well as second of the top wordwide think tanks.[6] In Germany it is the number one top economic institution.[7]

In conducting labor market research, IZA cooperates closely with the Economics Department at the University of Bonn where its director, Klaus F. Zimmermann, holds a position as full professor of economics, as well as the department's graduate education program at the Bonn Graduate School of Economics.[8]

IZA's main focus is the economic analysis of national and international labor markets within a broad range of research areas. Furthermore IZA provides policy advice on crucial labor market issues for national and international policy institutions.[3]

Restructuring and Splitting Up

On March 1., 2016, the Institute for the Study of Labor is being split up and restructured by Klaus Zumwinkel, CEO of the Deutsche Post Stiftung and President of IZA. A new institute on behavior and inequality research is being founded whereby the residual of IZA is meant to focus on German labor market policy. Founding Director Klaus F. Zimmermann, who did not accept these developments, will leave IZA by the 1st of March 2016.[9]


IZA's research activities currently concentrate on eight program areas providing high-standard labor market research on a wide array of topics:

  • Evaluation of Labor Market Programs
  • Behavioral and Personnel Economics
  • Migration
  • Labor Markets and Institutions
  • Labor Markets in Emerging and Transition Economies
  • The Future of Labor
  • Employment and Development
  • Environment and Employment

To promote research on labor markets in developing countries, IZA launched in 2006, together with the World Bank, a joint research program on "Employment and Development".[10] In addition, in its special research area "Growth and Labor Markets in Low Income Countries", IZA coordinates for the UK Department for International Development a substantial research program to promote growth and employment in low income countries.[11]


IZA publishes the series Research in Labor Economics together with Emerald Group Publishing, in addition to the IZA journal series, which consists of five open access journals that focus on different aspects of international labor markets. The journals are published since 2012 on IZA's behalf by Springer Science+Business Media and do not charge any author fees.[12] The five journals are:

Since May 2014, IZA publishes, together with Bloomsbury Publishing, IZA World of Labor, an open access resource providing empirically founded research articles on labor economics for a non-academic readership.[13]


IZA Prize in Labor Economics

Since 2002 IZA awards yearly the IZA Prize in Labor Economics for exceptional academic accomplishments in the field of labor economics.[14] It is endowed with an award of 50,000 euros and is among the most prestigious economics awards worldwide.

Young Labor Economist Award

In 2006, IZA also established the "IZA Young Labor Economist Award" to honor an outstanding published paper in labor economics written by researchers under 40 years of age at the time of publication. The prize money of 5,000 Euros is shared between the authors.[15] Winners include:


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