Ingegerd Knutsdatter

Ingegerd Knudsdatter of Denmark (born between 1080 and 1085 – year of death unknown), was a Danish princess, daughter of King Canute IV of Denmark and Queen Adela. She is regarded as the founding mother of the House of Bjelbo of Swedish and Norwegian kings.

At the deposition and murder of her father in 1086, her mother left Denmark and returned to Flanders with her son Charles, while Ingegerd and her sister Cæcilia Knudsdatter followed their paternal uncle Eric I of Denmark and Boedil Thurgotsdatter, who became their foster parents, to Sweden. Eric and Boedil returned to Denmark when Eric became monarch in 1095. Both sisters married Swedish aristocrats. Ingegerd married Folke the Fat and became the mother of Bengt Snivil. Her sister Cecilia later returned to Denmark, but nothing suggests that Ingegerd did the same.


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