India national cricket team selectors

Indian National Cricket Selectors is a committee of cricket administrators (usually ex-cricket players) whose responsibility is the selection of cricket team to represent India at various levels. The term for the selectors was increased from 1-year to 2 years in 2006[1] with a provision for an additional year based on performance. Technically, there are 2 groups of selectors:

Committee composition

The selection committee consists of 5 members and a convenor. Only the 5 members of the selection committee have voting rights on team selection. The convenor is the Secretary, BCCI for the senior selection team and Jr. Secretary for junior selection team.

The 5 members in the selection committee were traditionally selected from the 5 cricket zones – North Zone, Central Zone, West Zone, East Zone, South Zone. One of the 5 members is selected by BCCI as the Chairman of the selection committee. Under pressure from the Lodha committee recommendation, the BCCI scrapped the zonal system in 2016

The Captain and Coach are invited to the selection committee meetings to present their opinions on team players though the captain and coach don't have voting rights in team selection.

Issues with Selection Committee composition based on the Zonal system

Lodha committee recommendations and subsequent changes

Current Committee Members


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