Incus Records

Incus Records
Founded 1970 (1970)
Founder Derek Bailey
Tony Oxley
Evan Parker
Genre Free jazz, free improvisation
Country of origin UK
Location London, England
Official website

Incus Records is a British record company and label founded by Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, Evan Parker and Michael Walters that specializes in free jazz and improvised music.[1][2]

The first release on the label was The Topography of the Lungs, recorded by Bailey, Parker and Han Bennink in 1970. Walters and Oxley left the label shortly after its founding, after which it continued as a partnership between Bailey and Parker until a falling-out between the two men in the mid-1980s. Parker left in 1987.[1] Bailey continued the label with Karen Brookman until his death in 2005. Its first CD release was CYRO, a duo recording of Bailey and Cyro Baptista. In later years the label has issued videos and limited-edition CDRs intended largely for friends and faithful collectors. It relaunched with a new website and a full catalogue in early 2009.

Aside from recordings by Bailey and Parker, who also produced, the Incus catalogue includes the work of Barry Guy, Howard Riley, Kenny Wheeler,[2] Steve Lacy, and John Zorn.[1]

At various times since 1985, Incus Records has sponsored festivals of improvised music in London.[3]


Catalog No. Artist Album Notes
Incus 1 Parker, EvanEvan Parker, Derek Bailey, Han Bennink The Topography of the Lungs Subsequently released with two bonus tracks on CD on the Psi label credited to Evan Parker
Incus 2 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey Solo Guitar A revised version of this album, with alternative improvisations, was released as Solo (Incus 2R) in 1978. A CD version, incorporating improvisations from the original and revised LPs was released in 1993
Incus 3/4 Rutherford, PaulPaul Rutherford, Derek Bailey, Barry Guy Iskra 1903 An expanded 3-CD set comprising the music on this double LP plus 10 bonus tracks was released on Emanem as Chapter One 1970-1972 in 2000
Incus 5 Parker, EvanEvan Parker, Paul Lytton Collective Calls (Urban) (Two Microphones) Released on CD in 2002 on the Psi label
Incus 6/7 Guy, BarryBarry Guy/The London Jazz Composer's Orchestra Ode Released on CD in 1996 on Intakt Records
Incus 8 Oxley, TonyTony Oxley Tony Oxley
Incus 9 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Han Bennink Derek Bailey & Han Bennink
Incus 10 Wheeler, KennyKenny Wheeler Song for Someone Released on CD in 2004 on the Psi label
Incus 11 Balance Balance Radu Malfatti, Ian Brighton, Phil Wachsmann, Colin Wood, Frank Perry
Incus 12 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey Lot 74: Solo Improvisations Released on CD by Incus in 2009
Incus 13 Riley, HowardHoward Riley Synopsis Released on CD by Emanem in 2000 with one bonus track
Incus 14 Parker, EvanEvan Parker, Paul Lytton At the Unity Theatre Released on CD with bonus tracks on Psi in 2003
Incus 15 Beresford, SteveSteve Beresford, Nigel Coombes, John Russell, Dave Solomon, Garry Todd Teatime Released on CD on the Emanem label in 2009
Incus 16 Parker, EvanEvan Parker, Derek Bailey The London Concert Recorded live at Wigmore Hall, London. Released on CD, with bonus tracks, on Psi in 2005
Incus 17 Parker, EvanEvan Parker, Derek Bailey, Hugh Davies, Jamie Muir The Music Improvisation Company 1968-1971 Released by Incus on CD in 1992
Incus 18 Oxley, TonyTony Oxley February Papers
Incus 19 Parker, EvanEvan Parker Saxophone Solos Released by Psi on CD in 2009
Incus 20 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Tristan Honsinger Duo
Incus 21 Company Company I Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Evan Parker, Tristan Honsinger, Maarten Altena
Incus 22 Guy, BarryBarry Guy, Statements V-XI: For Double Bass and Violone
Incus 23 Company Company 2 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Anthony Braxton, Evan Parker
Incus 24 Spontaneous Music Ensemble Biosystem Stevens, JohnJohn Stevens, Roger Smith, Nigel Coombes, Colin Wood
Incus 25 Company Company 3 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Han Bennink
Incus 26 Company Company 4 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Steve Lacy
Incus 27 Parker, EvanEvan Parker Monoceros Released on CD in 1999 on Chronoscope
Incus 28 Company Company 5 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Leo Smith, Steve Lacy, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, Tristan Honsinger, Maarten Altena
Incus 29 Company Company 6 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Leo Smith, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, Lol Coxhill, Steve Lacy, Steve Beresford, Tristan Honsinger, Maarten Altena, Han Bennink
Incus 30 Company Company 7 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Leo Smith, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, Lol Coxhill, Steve Lacy, Steve Beresford, Tristan Honsinger, Maarten Altena, Han Bennink
Incus 31 Russell, JohnJohn Russell/Richard Coldman Home Cooking/Guitar Solos split album
Incus 32 Todd, GaryGary Todd, Roger Turner Sunday Best
Incus 33 Toop, DavidDavid Toop, Paul Burwell, Hugh Davies, Max Eastley, Paul Lovens, Paul Lytton, Annabel Nicolson, Evan Parker Circadian Rhythm
Incus 34 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Tony Coe Time
Incus 35 Parker, EvanEvan Parker, George Lewis From Saxophone and Trombone
Incus 36 Company Fables Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Dave Holland, George Lewis, Evan Parker
Incus 37 Various Artists Pisa 1980 Improvisors' Symposium Parker, EvanEvan Parker & George Lewis/Maarten Altena & Derek Bailey/Barry Guy, Paul Lovens, Paul Lytton, Evan Parker & Phil Wachsmann/Maarten Altena, Barry Guy, George Lewis, Paul Rutherford & Giancarlo Schiaffini
Incus 38 Company Fictions Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Steve Beresford, Lol Coxhill, Ian Croall, Misha Mengelberg
Incus 39 Parker, EvanEvan Parker Six of One
Incus 40 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey Aida Released on CD in 1996 on Dexter's Cigar
Incus 41 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Jamie Muir Dart Drug
Incus 42 Parker, EvanEvan Parker, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton Tracks
Incus 43 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Anthony Braxton Royal Volume 1
Incus 45 Parker, EvanEvan Parker, George Lewis, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton Hook, Drift & Shuffle
Incus 46/47 Company Epiphany Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, George Lewis, Akio Suzuki, Phil Wachsmann, Ursula Oppens, Fred Frith, Julie Tippetts, Anne LeBaron, Moto Yoshizawa
Incus 48 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey Notes
Incus 49 Parker, EvanEvan Parker The Snake Decides Released on CD on Psi in 2003
Incus 50 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Evan Parker Compatibles
Incus 51 Company Trios Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, John Corbett, Vinko Globokar, Evan Parker, Peter Brotzmann, J. D. Parran, Ernst Reyseger, Joëlle Léandre, Jamie Muir, Hugh Davies
Incus 52 Noble, SteveSteve Noble, Alex Maguire Live at Oscars
Incus CD01 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Cyro Baptista Cyro
Incus CD02 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Han Bennink Han
Incus CD03 Bevan, TonyTony Bevan, Greg Kingston, Matt Lewis Original Gravity
Incus CD04 Company Once Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Lee Konitz, Richard Teitelbaum, Carlos Zingaro, Tristan Honsinger, Barre Phillips, Steve Noble
Incus CD05 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Barre Phillips Figuring
Incus CD06 Noble, SteveSteve Noble, Alex Ward Ya Boo, Reel & Rumble
Incus CD07 Company Company 6 & 7 Compilation of tracks from Incus 29 and Incus 30
Incus CD8 Bevan, TonyTony Bevan, Steve Noble, Paul Rogers Bigshots
Incus CD9 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Thebe Lipere, Louis Moholo Village Life
Incus CD10 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey Solo Guitar Volume 1 Reissue of Incus LP 2 and Incus LP 2R
Incus CD11 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey Solo Guitar Volume 2
Incus CD12 Parker, EvanEvan Parker, Derek Bailey, Hugh Davies, Jamie Muir The Music Improvisation Company 1968-1971 Reissue of Incus 17
Incus CD13 Shaking Ray Levis False Prophets or Dang Good Guessers!
Incus CD14 Stevens, JohnJohn Stevens, Derek Bailey Playing
Incus CD15 Oxley, TonyTony Oxley The Tony Oxley Quartet
Incus CD16 Company Company 91 Volume 1
Incus CD17 Company Company 91 Volume 2
Incus CD18 Company Company 91 Volume 3
Incus CD19 Muir, JamieJamie Muir, Derek Bailey Dart Drug Reissue of Incus 41
Incus CD20 Zorn, JohnJohn Zorn, Fred Frith The Art of Memory
Incus CD21 Butcher, JohnJohn Butcher, Vanessa Mackness Respiritus
Incus CD22 Stevens, JohnJohn Stevens, Kent Carter, Derek Bailey One Time
Incus CD23 Chadbourne, EugeneEugene Chadbourne, John Zorn In Memory of Nikki Arane
Incus CD24 Smith, RogerRoger Smith, Neil Metcalfe S&M
Incus CD25 Wilkinson, AlanAlan Wilkinson, Stefan Jaworzyn In a Sentimental Mood
Incus CD26 Kaiser, HenryHenry Kaiser, John Oswald Improvised Vancouver
Incus CD27 Beresford, SteveSteve Beresford, Dennis Palmer, Bob Stagner, Roger Turner Short in the U.K.
Incus CD28 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, John Butcher, Oren Marshall Trio Playing
Incus CD29/30 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Tony Oxley Soho Suites
Incus CD31 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey Takes Fakes & Dead She Dances
Incus CD32 Lewis, George E.George E. Lewis, Bertram Turetzky Conversations
Incus CD33 Hession, PaulPaul Hession, Alan Wilkinson, Simon Fell, Joe Morris Registered Firm
Incus CD34 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Han Bennink Post Improvisation 1: When We're Smiling
Incus CD35 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Han Bennink Post Improvisation 2: Air Mail Special
Incus CD36 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Susie Ibarra Daedal
Incus CD37 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Alex Ward LOCationAL
Incus CD38 Gustafsson, MatsMats Gustafsson, Jim O'Rourke Xylophonen Virtuosen
Incus CD39 Joseph Holbrooke Joseph Holbrook '98 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Gavin Bryars, Tony Oxley
Incus CD40 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Keiji Haino Songs
Incus CD41 Company Company 5 Reissue of Incus 28
Incus CD42/43 Company Epiphany Reissue of Incus 46/47
Incus CD44/45 Company Company in Marseille Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Rhodri Davies, Simon Fell, Will Gaines, Mark Wastell
Incus CD46 Acoustic Guitar Trio Acoustic Guitar Trio Cline, NelsNels Cline, Jim McAuley, Rod Poole
Incus CD47 Noble, SteveSteve Noble, John Edwards, Alex Ward False Face Society
Incus CD48/49 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey New Sights, Old Sounds
Incus CD50 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Min Xiao-Fen Flying Dragons
Incus CD51 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Julian Kytasty, Roger Turner, Alan Wilkinson Duos, London 2001
Incus CD52 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Susie Ibarra BIDS
Incus CD53 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Tristan Honsinger Tristan (Duo)
Incus CD54 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Ingar Zach Seven
Incus CD55 Gaines, WillWill Gaines Rappin & Tappin
Incus CD56 Limescale Limescale
Incus CD57 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey Lot 74 Reissue of Incus 12
Incus CD58 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey, Agustí Fernández A Silent Dance
Incus CD59 Baker, DuckDuck Baker The Ducks Palace
Incus CD60 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey More 74
Incus CD61 Coxhill, LolLol Coxhill, Alex Ward Old Sights, New Sounds
Incus CD62 Bailey, DerekDerek Bailey Concert in Milwaukee
Incus CD63 Oxley, TonyTony Oxley A Birthday Tribute - 75 Years

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