47 Meters Down

Directed by Johannes Roberts
Produced by James Harris
Mark Lane
Written by Johannes Roberts
Ernest Riera
Starring Mandy Moore
Claire Holt
Yani Gellman
Chris J. Johnson
Santiago Segura
Matthew Modine
Music by TomAndAndy
Cinematography Mark Silk
Edited by Martin Brinkler
  • The Fyzz Facility
  • Dragon Root
  • Flexibon Films
  • Lantica Pictures
  • Tea Shop & Film Company
Distributed by Entertainment Studios
Release dates
  • 2017 (2017)
Running time
89 minutes
Country United States
Language English

47 Meters Down (previously known as In the Deep) is an upcoming 2017 American survival horror film directed by Johannes Roberts. The film stars Mandy Moore and Claire Holt and was co-written by Johannes Roberts and Ernest Riera.[1]


Two Sisters Lisa and Kate (Mandy Moore and Claire Holt) go on a trip to Mexico to go shark diving. Kate seems to be doing it for the thrill of coming close to sharks and Lisa seems to be doing it to scare the broken heart out of herself after her boyfriend left her. They board a boat captained by Taylor (Modine) and are excited when a shark around twenty feet comes swimming around the spot they’re about to jump into. Once inside the observation cage and lowered into the water, the great white begins to immediately circle them and they couldn’t be happier. That is until the cable connected to their cage snaps and sends them plummeting to the bottom of the ocean (that’s where the title ’47 Meters Down’ comes into play). With oxygen quickly depleting and great white sharks circling nearby, they have less than an hour of air left to figure out how to get to the surface. The chance of help reaching them before the sharks do seeming impossible, Lisa and Kate do everything they can to get back to safety but the odds are stacked against them and the dark and vast ocean serves as a terrifying maze that’s full of danger.


Original distributor Dimension Films had initially set a North American DVD and VOD release date for August 2, 2016. However, on July 25, Variety reported that Dimension had sold the rights to Entertainment Studios. Entertainment Studios cancelled the August 2 home release and will instead release the film theatrically in the United States in Summer 2017. The working title for the film was 47 Meters Down, which Dimension had changed to In the Deep for their home release, but Entertainment Studios have reverted to the original title.[2]


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