Ibn al-Adami

Ibn al-Adami
Residence Baghdad
Fields Astronomy
Influences Indian astronomy
Influenced Ibn Yunus, Sa'id al-Andalusi

Ibn al‐Ādamī (flourished in Baghdad, c. 925), was a 10th-century Islamic astronomer who wrote an influential work of zij based on Indian sources. The book, now lost, uses the Indian methods found in the Sindhind. The 11th-century historian Sa'id al-Andalusi informs us that the theory of trepidation that became known to Europe and was ascribed to Thabit ibn Qurra can be found instead in the Zij of Ibn al-Adami, who himself may have known of this theory from Thabit's grandon, Ibrahim ibn Sinan.[1] Ibn al-Adami is also the source for the story of how Indian astronomy reached the court of Caliph al-Mansur in the early 770s in Baghdad.[1]

Presumably, he is the son of Al-Adami.



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