Ibn Ghazi al-Miknasi

Ibn Ghazi al-Miknasi
Born 1437
Died 1513

Abu Abdallah Muhammad b. Ahmad b. Muhammad Ibn Ghazi al-'Utmani al-Miknasi (14371513) was a Moroccan scholar in the field of history, Islamic law, Arabic philology and mathematics. He was born in Meknes from banu uthman a clan in the Berber kutama tribe,[1] but spent his life in Fez.[2] Ibn Ghazi wrote a three-volume history of Meknes and a commentary to the treatise of Ibn al-Banna, Munyat al-hussab. For an explanation of his work, Ibn Ghazi wrote another treatise (about 300 pages long) titled Bughyat al-tulab fi sharh munyat al-hussab ("The desire of students for an explanation of the calculator's craving"). He included sections on arithmetic and algebraic methods. He is also the author of Kulliyat, a short work on legal questions and judgements in the Maliki madhab.[3]


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