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IBA News
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The Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) provides news programming in 14 foreign languages directed at audiences abroad or in Israel. The goal of these programs is to present a balanced and impartial picture of what happens in Israel in particular and in the region in general. Each language has its own schedule of programs focusing on news, political, social, educational, economic, technological and cultural issues.[1]

Video programming

The daily IBA English News broadcast is available on-demand via the IBA World website.[2] News Anchors are Erin Viner,[3] Laura Cornfield and Arieh O'Sullivan. Chief Editor is Steve Leibowitz, Senior Editor and Correspondents include Efrat Battat and Brian Freeman. IBA News is broadcast on Israel Channel One at 4:50 PM Sunday-Thursday, and Channel 33 Sunday- Thursday at 5:00 PM. Friday and Saturday broadcasts are at 6:00 PM on Channel 33 only. The weekly IBA Close-Up magazine is off the air again. The IBA News program is rebroadcast on certain Christian broadcasting channels, primarily LeSEA. This includes METV Middle East Television. In the USA, the IBA News English language program airs on the satellite channel WHT (DirecTV channel 367) at 6:00 PM (Eastern time.) The IBA News also airs multiple times a day on JBS Jewish Broadcasting Service. As of January 1, 2013, the IBA News is no longer on the MHz WorldView channel. That timeslot was replaced with JN1 Jewish News 1.

Audio programming

The IBA provides daily audio programming with news and views from Israel. The programs may be listened to on the internet live and on-demand via IBA World,[4] On-demand audio becomes available about 20 minutes after the end of a live broadcast. IBA audio programming is available in the following languages: English, French, Russian, Moroccan Arabic, Amharic, Bukhori, Persian, Romanian, Ladino, Spanish, Yiddish, Tigrinya, and Hungarian.

Weekly audio magazine programs in English titled Weekend Report, Sunday Edition, Culture Report and Face to Face are available on the IBA World website.[4] The IBA World website also provides Hebrew language lessons and an archive of certain historical radio broadcasts.

Two programs in English also available via the World Radio International WRN stream. The on-demand audio is no longer available.

News headlines

IBA World[4] also provides text news headlines, local weather in Israel, and foreign exchange rates for the US Dollar, the Euro and British Pound Sterling.

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