IAU 100 km World Championships

IAU 100 km World Championships
Most recent season or competition:
2014 IAU 100 km World Championships
Sport Ultramarathon
Inaugural season 1987
Country Worldwide
Official website http://www.iau-ultramarathon.org/

The IAU 100 km World Championships have been held annually from 1987 to 2012, at different locations, and is organized by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU).[1][2] Due to lack of sponsorship, the 2013 event, planned for Jeju Island, South Korea,[3] was cancelled and the 2014 event, originally due to be held at Daugavpils, Latvia, was held instead in Doha, Qatar.

The championships from 2007 to 2012 incorporated the IAU 100 km European Championships.[4]



# Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1st 1987Belgium TorhoutSpain Domingo CatalánUnited Kingdom Don RitchieFrance Roland Vuillemenot
2nd 1988Spain SantanderSpain Domingo CatalánFrance Jean-Marc BellocqFrance Bruno Scelsi
3rd 1989France RambouilletFrance Bruno ScelsiNetherlands Bruno JoppenWest Germany Herbert Cuntz
4th 1990United States DuluthFrance Roland VuillemenotNew Zealand Russell PrinceCanada Stefan Fekner
5th 1991Italy FaenzaBrazil Valmir NuñesFrance Roland VuillemenotFrance Jean-Marc Bellocq
6th 1992Spain PalamósRussia Konstantin SantalovSpain Domingo CatalánUnited Kingdom Erik Seedhouse
7th 1993Belgium TorhoutRussia Konstantin SantalovBelgium Peter HermannsSouth Africa Cornet Mantonane
8th 1994Japan SaromaRussia Aleksey VolginPoland Jaroslaw JanickiGermany Kazimierz Bak
9th 1995Netherlands WinschotenBrazil Valmir NuñesRussia Aleksey VolginUnited States Tom Johnson
10th 1996Russia MoscowRussia Konstantin SantalovPoland Jaroslaw JanickiRussia Aleksey Kruglikov
11th 1997Netherlands WinschotenUkraine Sergey YanenkoRussia Mikhail KokorevPoland Andrzej Magier
12th 1998Japan ShimantoRussia Grigoriy MurzinRussia Igor TyupinRussia Ravil Kashapov
13th 1999France Chavagnes-en-PaillersUnited Kingdom Simon PrideFrance Thierry GuichardJapan Takahiro Sunada
14th 2000Netherlands WinschotenFrance Pascal FétizonRussia Dmitriy RadyuchenkoRussia Oleg Kharitonov
15th 2001France CléderJapan Yasufumi MikamiUnited States Rich HannaFrance Pascal Fétizon
16th 2002Belgium TorhoutItaly Mario FattoreRussia Igor TyazhkorobSpain Fermín Martínez
17th 2003Taiwan TainanItaly Mario FattoreRussia Grigoriy MurzinGermany Michael Sommer
18th 2004Netherlands WinschotenItaly Mario ArdemagniPoland Jaroslaw JanickiRussia Oleg Kharitonov
19th 2005Japan SaromaRussia Grigoriy MurzinSpain Jorge AubesoJapan Tsutomu Sassa
20th 2006South Korea MisariFrance Yannick DjouadiRussia Oleg KharitonovRussia Denis Zhalybin
21st 2007Netherlands WinschotenJapan Shinichi WatanabeJapan Kenji NakanishiRussia Oleg Kharitonov
22nd 2008Italy RomeItaly Giorgio CalcaterraPoland Jaroslaw JanickiSpain Miguel Ángel Jiménez
23rd 2009Belgium TorhoutJapan Yasukazu MiyazatoSweden Jonas BuudItaly Giorgio Calcaterra
24th[5] 2010Gibraltar GibraltarJapan Shinji NakadaiSweden Jonas BuudUnited States Michael Wardian
25th[6] 2011Netherlands WinschotenItaly Giorgio CalcaterraUnited States Michael WardianUnited States Andrew Henshaw
26th[7] 2012Italy SeregnoItaly Giorgio CalcaterraSweden Jonas BuudItaly Alberico Di Cecco
27th 2014Qatar DohaUnited States Max KingSweden Jonas BuudSpain José Antonio Requejo
28th 2015Netherlands WinschotenSweden Jonas BuudSpain Asier CuevasItaly Giorgio Calcaterra
2016Spain Los AlcázaresTakes place Sunday November 27th


# Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1st 1987Belgium TorhoutSwitzerland Agnes EberleFrance Monique ExbrayatFrance Marie-France Plas
2nd 1988Spain SantanderUnited States Ann TrasonHungary Márta VassUnited Kingdom Eleanor Adams
3rd 1989France RambouilletWest Germany Katherina JanickeWest Germany Sigrid LomskyUnited Kingdom Hilary Walker
4th 1990United States DuluthUnited Kingdom Eleanor AdamsUnited States Ann TrasonHungary Márta Vass
5th 1991Italy FaenzaUnited Kingdom Eleanor AdamsSlovakia Nadyezhda GumerovaHungary Márta Vass
6th 1992Spain PalamósRussia Nurzia BagmanovaHungary Márta VassUnited Kingdom Carolyn Hunter-Rowe
7th 1993Belgium TorhoutUnited Kingdom Carolyn Hunter-RoweRussia Valentina ShatyeyevaRussia Valentina Lyakhova
8th 1994Japan SaromaRussia Valentina ShatyeyevaUnited Kingdom Trudi ThomsonRussia Irina Petrova
9th 1995Netherlands WinschotenUnited States Ann TrasonSouth Africa Helene JoubertGermany Maria Bak
10th 1996Russia MoscowRussia Valentina ShatyeyevaAustralia Linda MeadowsRussia Yelena Sidorenkova
11th 1997Netherlands WinschotenRussia Valentina LyakhovaFrance Isabelle OlivePoland Andrzej Magier
12th 1998Japan ShimantoUnited Kingdom Carolyn Hunter-RoweNew Zealand Lilac FlayBrazil Maria Venâncio
13th 1999France Chavagnes-en-PaillersSlovakia Anna BalosákováFrance Martine CubizollesRussia Oksana Ladyshina
14th 2000Netherlands WinschotenHungary Edit BércesRussia Yelvira KolpakovaGermany Constanze Wagner
15th 2001France CléderRussia Yelvira KolpakovaRussia Marina BychkovaItaly Monica Casiraghi
16th 2002Belgium TorhoutRussia Tatyana ZhyrkovaJapan Akiko SekiyaItaly Monica Casiraghi
17th 2003Taiwan TainanItaly Monica CasiraghiItaly Paola SannaGermany Elke Hiebl
18th 2004Netherlands WinschotenRussia Tatyana ZhyrkovaRussia Marina BichkovaItaly Monica Casiraghi
19th 2005Japan SaromaJapan Hiroko ShoUnited States Anne Riddle-LundbladJapan Yoko Yamazawa
20th 2006South Korea MisariUnited Kingdom Elizabeth HawkerItaly Monica CarlinJapan Hiroko Sho
21st 2007Netherlands WinschotenJapan Norimi SakuraiFrance Laurence FricotteauJapan Hiroko Sho
22nd 2008Italy RomeRussia Tatyana ZhirkovaUnited States Kami SemickItaly Monica Carlin
23rd 2009Belgium TorhoutUnited States Kami SemickRussia Irina VishnevskayaItaly Monica Caelin
24th[5] 2010Gibraltar GibraltarUnited Kingdom Ellie Greenwood Italy Monica CarlinUnited Kingdom Lizzy Hawker
25th[6] 2011Netherlands WinschotenRussia Marina BychkovaUnited Kingdom Joanna ZakrzewskiSouth Africa Lindsay van Aswegen
26th[7] 2012Italy SeregnoUnited States Amy SprostonSweden Kajsa BergRussia Irina Vishnevskaya
27th 2014Qatar DohaUnited Kingdom Ellie GreenwoodJapan Chiyuki MochizukiUnited Kingdom Jo Zakrzewski
28th 2015Netherlands WinschotenUnited States Camille HerronSweden Kajsa BergCroatia Marija Vrajić
2016Spain Los Alcázares

Total medals tables


Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Russia67619
2 Italy6039
3 France43411
4 Japan4127
5 Spain2338
6 Brazil2002
7 Sweden1405
8 United States1236
9 United Kingdom1113
10 Ukraine1001
11 Poland0415
12= Belgium0101
12= Netherlands0101
12= New Zealand0101
15 Germany0033
16= Canada0011
16= South Africa0011


Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Russia95519
2 United Kingdom72514
3 United States5308
4 Japan2237
5 Italy1359
6 Hungary1225
7 Germany1135
8 Slovakia1102
9  Switzerland1001
10 France0415
11 Sweden0202
12 South Africa0112
13= Australia0101
13= New Zealand0101
15= Brazil0011
15= Croatia0011
15= Poland0011

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